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2015 | APRIL | *** PRESS RELEASE ***


April 10, 2015

Migozino launches today the 1st release of its social posts magazine editor. The editor, also called Migozino, lets users make their own magazines from multiple social media posts. In a few clicks users can create a unique magazine full of precious social media moments in a self-chosen layout.

By introducing the concept of “Social Magazine” Migozino aims to break the hegemony of the traditional photo books and redefine the way memories are stored and shared. Instead of the static photo book it allows users to create their own magazine that is not only unique in content, but also in the way it looks and how it is made.

Migozino releases its Migozino editor in a time which sees an exponential increase of users’ social content across social media platforms. “Posts are constantly piled on other posts” says Eric van der Loo, CEO and founder of Migozino. “The Internet is full of memories, but they are scattered all over the place”. This lack of overview is one of the reasons he came up with the idea for Migozino, an application that transforms daily social media buzz into a creative format that is easy to make, easy to store and fun to read and share. “Migozino aims at the growing trend that consumers want to be the co-creator and own a customer-experience. As important, users want to preserve and save content not to lose valuable memories” Eric continues, explaining the needs Migozino aims to address in archiving social content.

The Migozino application ( allows users to collect the posts over a specific period from their different social media accounts. A lay-out is chosen, and the posts are imported into the magazine (which is called a ‘Migozino’). The Migozino algorithm automatically orders posts based on their values (defined by likes and comments). The user then has the option to edit the Migozino by adding e.g. their social friends’ posts and pages they have liked as well. Adding friends’ posts and liked pages is a unique feature in Migozino, according to Eric, that stresses the social element of sharing in social media and makes Migozino a great choice for a gift.

Although adding friends’ posts is a feature that distinguishes Migozino, it also touches a sensitive topic: privacy. “We recognize users privacy concerns, and will only allow users to add their friends’ posts if the friends allow their posts to be used in a Migozino” Eric explains Migozino’s views regarding privacy issues when sharing content on social media platforms.

Migozino’s 1st release is a free version. It allows users to combine their Facebook and Instagram posts in a Migozino. In the foreseeable future we will keep adding different social media platforms. Next to the free version, ‘Pay-as-you-go’ functions will be added in the near future for users that want to create more sophisticated Migozinos. “We definitely think about adding your own photos and timeline related news articles” says Eric van der Loo “but we have many ideas”, he adds with a smile. “But first I invite you to test our 1st release and let us know what you think.”